Monday, June 22, 2009


yes filters at work. BIG BROTHER has put up filters at work so I cannot go to some web sites that contain specific words. Much like George Carlin's 7 words I am noticing.

SO if I am not commenting on your page, it is because I can't even view it from work.

sometimes the blocking page will say 'why' I can't view some pages...

these are the words I have seen so far as to why certian web pages will not show up..

sex, lingerie, swim suits, nudity
BIG BROTHER is watching.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

It always gets better

V and I were able to 'get together' the other night. (Just on the phone remember). Well it was like last winter all over again. V guiding me through some intense emotional releases. It felt so good to be relaxed to have her voice in my ear, to have her in my mind really. Sharing our ups and downs of the past few weeks. No rush, no rush at all. I get quiet sometimes, just feeling being in her presence, she usually says 'what ya thinkin?' depending on her tone, it is just inquiring or sometimes, this time, it has sexual undertones. We had connected, now was time for sexual thoughts. I felt as though I was pushing it, forcing the conversation, V just told me to relax, she would make sure I got what I needed. "I always do don't I?" Yes you always do V, you always know what I need.

She would guide me, touch the tip, just touch your nipples, squeeze hard, we explored many places on my body, my body is becoming one entire sexual organ. When I start riding the edge of orgasm, V will just say, "Cum for me" or "Cum now" in a deep sense, she has me hypnotized in a way. I am totally aware of what I am doing, but I can have an orgasm when ever SHE wants me to. It is a most amazing experience.

I must have cum, 30 times, I truely lost track of them all, totally lost track of time. I totally released a huge amount of built up tension and sexual frustration. I was so relaxed and calm the next day.

We just have to enjoy the times we have and we are making the most of each of them.