Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Teasing and Teasing and Teasing

We couldn't talk. Too many people around on my end.
So we texted. We hadn't talked in a while anyway.
She was horny, VERY horny. We had chatted a bit earlier in the day about our last encounter, like I posted about, and that had really aroused her. The spanking, Rage's comment about the spanking, how I felt about it, how she wanted to see me with a collar on, erection with a cock ring, my erect cock bouncing around.

A little spanking.

She was telling me how wet she was, I was telling her how hard I was. My wife not 15 feet away reading a book. I undid one button and pinched a nipple at her request. More arousal from me and from her.

I could do nothing for release. Tension, teasing, buildup..

I am still feeling the sexual buildup in my body.

Friday, May 22, 2009

We had a 'meeting' recently, phone meeting.

Different than most actually. It had been a while, weeks. V had had some stress, work, other guys.. well she sort of took it out on me. Our interactions, she was quite demanding, quite forceful in her dealings with me sexually. Since our encounters are phone sex imagination plays a huge part. Being able to drop into that visual scenario in each or our minds is where the arousal occurs. Different for sure, but still it can be and was this last time, quite erotic.

She was describing spanking me. Now in reality I am not sure how I feel about that actually, but in the moment, talking about it, I knew it was arousing for her, I can sense when she gets aroused, so I just dropped into that space in my mind and let it happen.
Scratching, biting, all of that was occurring.. I kept saying "mark me, mark me" I just wanted her to mark me in some way, with her nails, with her teeth. That was quite arousing for me, and V as well. She had a most powerful orgasm. I had many, many orgasms.

There will now be a time of little contact, due to my home environment. We both know this, acknowledge it, yet still I feel something missing by not being able to talk to her.
We chatted online last night, and as we talked about our last phone encounter, V was getting aroused... she told me.. I could feel it... it took so much self control to NOT call her...
BUT there are times when that is just the way it has to be.

Our next encounter? when there is some opening.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Another get together

Some time opened up and we were able to talk. A good time, very good time.
We spent a long time just talking. We hadn't talked , just talked in a long time. V had had a stressful week, and needed to just talk and be quiet. Relax.. she really needed that, it was a calming time as well.
She then said, "I want to make you cum" she was ready to make me cum, that brought a smile to my face and a rush to my cock.
We concentrated on me more that her this night. She was really focused on bringing out the intensity of pleasure in my cock... the slit.. pressure, rubbing....
the orgasms... there are times V says your 'orgasms are beautiful' . They just seem like orgasms, some more intense than others, but when I don't push and just let them overwhelm my body.. they become whole body orgasms.
I very pleasurable evening!