Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Teasing and Teasing and Teasing

We couldn't talk. Too many people around on my end.
So we texted. We hadn't talked in a while anyway.
She was horny, VERY horny. We had chatted a bit earlier in the day about our last encounter, like I posted about, and that had really aroused her. The spanking, Rage's comment about the spanking, how I felt about it, how she wanted to see me with a collar on, erection with a cock ring, my erect cock bouncing around.

A little spanking.

She was telling me how wet she was, I was telling her how hard I was. My wife not 15 feet away reading a book. I undid one button and pinched a nipple at her request. More arousal from me and from her.

I could do nothing for release. Tension, teasing, buildup..

I am still feeling the sexual buildup in my body.

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