Monday, May 4, 2009

Another get together

Some time opened up and we were able to talk. A good time, very good time.
We spent a long time just talking. We hadn't talked , just talked in a long time. V had had a stressful week, and needed to just talk and be quiet. Relax.. she really needed that, it was a calming time as well.
She then said, "I want to make you cum" she was ready to make me cum, that brought a smile to my face and a rush to my cock.
We concentrated on me more that her this night. She was really focused on bringing out the intensity of pleasure in my cock... the slit.. pressure, rubbing....
the orgasms... there are times V says your 'orgasms are beautiful' . They just seem like orgasms, some more intense than others, but when I don't push and just let them overwhelm my body.. they become whole body orgasms.
I very pleasurable evening!

1 comment:

  1. Perhaps your O's are more intense now since you both aren't getting to talk as much on a "intimate" level.