Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Well, some updates for any who might still come by here.

I have been laying low not many calls to V, trying to be 'good' etc etc.
Not my favorite choice in the world but a necessary choice at the current moment in time.

I was able to talk to V a number of times when I was out of town. Also a number of times, we fell asleep on each other. Kinda funny actually but we had our orgasmic times.

Just recently we were able to talk one evening. Again I just had a short window of time. BUT we made the most of it. V was intent on making me 'cum'. That was what SHE wanted, to hear my orgasms, over and over and over. The slit on the end of my cock, the 'place behind the balls' (perineum actually, I am very sensitive there, in a GOOD way).

I did as directed. I touched where she said touch, I didn't touch at all for part of the time, yet still the arousal built up to a crescendo. Her voice, her tone sends me over the edge, her energy transmits to me that excites me so. No other can excite me the way she does. I feel her energy in her voice, I know her arousal, I can sense it.

It was short, but it was sweet.

That night, I had a dream. I was walking around whistling, some unknown tune. I never do that in real life, but in this dream life, I was happy and content. Walking around like the opening scene in Andy of Mayberry.. LOL..
THAT is how i felt!

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  1. Short and sweet can be very good at times. ;)

    The dream bit made me chuckle, lol. :)