Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Rogue and I had some time to talk while he was away on a business venture but originally he did not plan to talk. I knew he was away and was able to talk but I also knew that he was trying not to communicate with me. Eventually, he found himself in a state of intoxication before he ended up sending me a text message. It was a very emotional time for him. This has been a challenge for both of us. The recent discovery has also given me a scare. A part of me is terrified that I will be sought after by an angry wife or someone else close to Rogue. I could very well lose my job if that were to happen. That sort of behavior would not be tolerated.

The complications continue.

But, we were also able to come (cum) together in several wonderful releases that seemed to make things okay for a short while. I do so enjoy tormenting him through those releases.


  1. Why should you lose your job because of a phone sex affair? That's utterly ridiculous, unless you get caught doing it excessively during working hours.

    I hope you two get past this and back to pleasing each other.

  2. I agree! xx

    I wish you both all the best of luck.