Thursday, January 1, 2009

Holiday break- breakthroughs

Both V and myself off for holidays. New Years week. We get late night talks, late night sex play. I go on errands just I can talk to V, hear her voice, and sex play. V has been getting me more and more into the very long non-ejaculatory orgasms. My orgasms make her very aroused. She has insisted I play with my nipples as well. My left one is sore most of the time. Every times I pinch it, and tell her it hurts, yet this act arouses me, and arouses V even more. I press on the spot behind my balls, that nerve bundle has become a spot orgasmic intensity. With V's encouragement, I can continue my orgasm for what seems like minutes, V would have to say how long these orgasms can last.

With all this time off, all these special times together, all these intense orgasms, I become more open to her, more vulnerable in general when we are talking, I would do anything she asks at this point, knowing now she has my best interest in mind. Such a trust has developed, such openness, even a oneness between us.

The past week our 'relationship' has grown, it grows with each encounter, it deepens with each encounter. I am still amazed at what is happening to me with V.

Tantric Goddess V has lead me to a place of emotional release, of freedom.

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  1. Vulnerability is a sign that your relationship is very strong. You are close enough to be hurt, but you trust your partner not to hurt you. And the thrill of that trust is irreplaceable.