Thursday, January 29, 2009

Being whiny

Yes V said I was whiny last night. She detected frustration in my last post, yes there was I admit it. But when we started talking, I was in a mood, and she wasn't at first, and build up of whinyness developed. We talked, we were in silence, we talked some more, silence some more, then we worked into some very intense sexual release.
I will say last night was the most exhausting time we have ever had. I was totally spent.

Within all of those multiple orgasms, V was able to be with me when I hit some really deep emotional issues. Stuff from way back, growing up, and I will say some of the frustrations with her even. She stayed with me though all of that, was amazing as she always is when I go through these orgasmic emotional bursts..

Trip is over back home. Not sure if I will go home tonight or not though. A lot of family issues, I haven't mentioned on this blog, but that are weighing heavily on my mind. That was part of the clearing out of 'sexual blockages' as V calls it we went through last night. She wanted to do that so in her words I "would be more clear to deal with those issues."

Goddess V is a true gem of a woman (she doesn't like compliments ;)) and from one perspective like a tantric healer, guiding me through these multiple orgasms and clearing out emotional baggage, and things I keep blocked up inside me.

Yes V is a rare jewel of a woman.


  1. Whether your lover stays with you when you are having difficult times is the true test of the depth and meaningfulness of your relationship.

    Yours seems to be passing the test.

  2. Yes she always stays with me through these things, ALWAYS.

  3. I agree.

    Your relationship seems to be sailing through.