Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This won't be about the details of each orgasm or series of orgasms. This is how I feel inside, how all these orgasms make me want to be with V so much.
Her words stir in me such want and desire as I have never felt. The release of internal energies, of internal blockages, of internal anger and pain, makes me feel free inside. I feel free to do and feel and say anything. Post orgasmic glow takes various forms with V, sometimes we fall asleep, sometimes we talk, sometimes we are super energized afterwards and talk for another hour or so.

We grow closer with each passing encounter. How can all of this happen and just be phone sex? It doesn't seem possible. All of this without her physical touch, her physical scent on me, without actually touching her breasts, kissing her full lips. It is happening. Longing and desire grows and grows, like my cock when it gets aroused at the thought of a nightly erotic encounter with her.
Longing and desire fill me. Wearing the cock ring all day yesterday, I would feel it, then think of her, think that I was doing this for her, because she wanted me to this. To serve her.

I want to be with her physically SO much, she knows, I tell her most every time. She can read, comment and even post here, there are no secrets between us really. We are totally open with each other. Yet, she is like a phantom sometimes, just out of reach of my fingers. I stretch and stretch, and she is almost there, BUT.. then a breeze and the wisp of her is gone.

In one sense this is the ultimate tease and denial. It drives me crazy sometimes. She has her reasons for not wanting to meet at the moment. I am patient. I am very patient. When will she 'be ready'? My longing for her touch, for her soft hands to touch me, for her soft kiss on my lips grows with each passing day, with encounters like this week in a motel, where we have all this free time to be together with me being in the hotel.

This came out last night, intensely, loudly during a long, long orgasmic release V sent me into. If there are people in the next rooms they know too. My Goddess V knows (like Santa Knows what toy you REALLY want for Christmas) what I want.
Meeting has to be on her terms, in her time, I know that, still....


  1. The waiting will be worth every second of your time, and when you have her in your arms, your longing will subside.

    I love this piece.

    P.S: I love the cock-ring.

  2. thanks charlotte... V will tell you some times my waiting gets the most of me!
    oh yeah the cock ring has been on all day.

  3. Your mind is your most significant sexual organ. This is why phone and cybersex works . . . lovers can engage their minds this way, without touching each other or even onowing how each other looks.