Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Some Tantra

I came across a couple of quotes from a Tantra teacher Laurie Handlers.
You can google her name and get all the references, web site etc.

She says about Tantra:
"If you want a love affair that is sexually electric and truly intimate, you have to begin by unblocking and unleashing the sex force that is already inside you and learning to feel safe expressing it, in whatever way feels right to you. In order to do that, fear and rage and grief – feelings that you’ve learned to resist – have to be acknowledged and cleared out on a regular basis, and that alone can be one heck of a ride."

What I feel I have with V is truly intimate and so very electric.

What V is guiding me, and I am allowing her to do via my multiple orgasms, is exactly what this quote says. V has helped me unblocked my sexual awareness actually. There have been orgasms where fear came up, where sadness came up. And lately, pure joy. I have become as I said in an earlier post, completely vulnerable, and totally safe to express this sexuality to her, I am completely open to V.


  1. That was some interesting reading. Thank you for sharing.

  2. i love the way your open with your words and this was very intersting to read. Full of passion

  3. thank you both..
    @charlotte.. yes I have a LOT of passion for V. A LOT