Sunday, January 4, 2009

Multiple Orgasm Ride

I have read some about how a man can bring a woman to multiple orgasms, vaginal orgasms that allow her to ride the orgasm for great lengths of time, 10 minutes, 1/2 hour, an hour. For women it logically seems more possible to do this since ejaculation is not usually tied to the orgasm. With me, the orgasm and ejaculation are almost always coincident.
I have mentioned how because of exercises, some yoga, tantra, keigles, meditation and breathing I have had these non ejaculatory orgasms off and on for a few years. Now with V they have become more frequent, then the past 2 or 3 weeks they are now so common, they are my norm now, and when I get in this aroused state, V can just tell me in a firm voice, cum for me, cum NOW, CUM NOW, and I have an orgasm. sometimes it is just that one, but sometimes I can get on a wave, and really ride the orgasm. These orgasms have peaks and valleys, they rise in intensity and fall down a bit.

Saturday morning I had the most incredible ride of my life. For about an hour I think, I had orgasm after orgasm, I rode some for minutes I know. There was one time where V said, stop pushing for it, just relax and let it wash over you, those words, her insight into what was happening to me was amazing over the phone, but I did what she said and the orgasm changed, it softened, I stopped pushing and it literally, washed over me like a wave. And kept coming and coming. I did cum as well, 2 or 3 times, I don' t really know or remember. My cock was uber sensitive, she had me rub the sensitive part, the slit on the front, I wanted to stop, I needed to take a rest, V wouldn't let me, I kept rubbing..I hit this internal state of just pure raw emotion, I was just emotion, it was pure joy.

The fantasy we were playing out was having me tied to a bed, a 4 post bed and she was the one playing with my cock, riding my cock, using my cock for her pleasure. I think she said I was her "fuck toy" and you know, I really liked the idea, I wanted to be her fuck toy. I still want to be her fuck toy.

Now some might say that what we are doing, since it is just 'phone sex' gone wild, isn't the same as real D&S or Tantra. I can't really speak to that since this is my only experience. I do know the fantasies we are playing out, feel real in my head, my orgasms are real, V's arousal is real, her orgasms are real. The way I feel afterward is real.

Goddess V said she would like to get me in this orgasmic state for an entire day. I would be a puddle of a body at the end I am sure. Utterly spent. But you know.... I want that too.

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  1. That was hot. Nothing better than a good tie to the bed and orgasm control.