Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Constant Arousal

On a business trip. This allows daily, totally, relaxed phone conversations with Goddess V. Just talking sometimes about each of our daily lives, daily problems, just normal conversation. Listening, just listening.

This time also allows for more amazing phone sex. Amazing couple of hours of phone sex each night. A couple of hours? Yes.
Closeness, we become closer each time, each time is different.

Since V has brought out this multiple orgasm ability in me, it opens up all kinds of scenarios. Last night there was, denial, arousal and denial for a long time, hour or 2(that may not seem like a long time..but). V teasing me, bringing close to orgasm, but I am not allowed to touch anything on my body, not my cock, not my nipples, not the perineum (that spot behind the balls).

Then we went into our minds, well with V's words in my mind I can have an orgasm with just thought. Just a thought of a scenario we have toyed with; a fantasy of me with a collar at a sex club and she pulls on the collar and pulls me down to give her oral pleasure, licking sucking, cleaning up all of her juices, all of this as other people are watching. For some reason this fantasy really turns me on; giving her oral pleasure while being held down by a collar. When I am in this erotic zone( an analogy is when I used to get a runners high, that kind of feeling internally), where it feels real in my head, I can have multiple orgasms with just the thought- JUST THE THOUGHTS of giving V oral pleasure in my mind and I can have an orgasm.

Then later last night V decided to get me aroused, then would hang up the phone, and call me back, I had to have an orgasm on her count to 10. "10, 9, 8... 1 Cum Now" she would say, and I would orgasm.
We did this call and response a number of times, I lost count. Many, many times. Last night left me totally physically spent, exhausted.

Today, and the rest of the week I have wear a cock ring going around this conference. So today, I feel this cock ring all the time. I think of V with every step, at random times when I feel that cock ring. Knowing I am serving her by wearing that cock ring. If somebody had told me 3 months ago I would be doing this, I would have said that is crazy. Now I want it, I want to serve V. I know it gives her pleasure and in that she gives me great pleasure.

There is more to write about all of this.


  1. The D/s dimension to ths relationship is interesting . . . do you crave her spanking you as well?

  2. spanking no not that at all. I get a sense of being 'marked'. like her scratching me with her nails, or biting me actually... wow I am getting hard thinking about her doing that right now!