Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Last Saturday

Well due to home life- mine- we had gone almost a full week without phone sex. Of course this was driving me absolutely crazy with desire. Then add the stress of last week on top of that, again on my end.
BUT we had talked every day, V was there for me emotionally, even if it was just 15 minutes on the phone. She is ALWAYS there for me. In times like last week, I realize a LOT. I realize how she cares for me beyond the sex. She cares for me emotionally in a very deep way. She won't necessarily say the words, but her actions tell me how she feels.
Saturday we got together, she told me 'you need release' OMG. We had flirted via text me in a wine bar writing in a journal, she eating pizza and drinking wine until she could get away.
Intense, arousing, mind altering orgasms. Again with my multi-orgasmic mode, she just kept making me orgasm over and over and over. This perineum spot behind my balls, pressing hard, I get in a zone, an orgasmic zone and V just tells me to cum, cum for me now, cum now.. and I keep cumming.. this is so arousing for her, she cums, and as I hear her orgasms I explode even deeper. I got to a point of pure emotion, just raw emotion and I actually started crying it was so intense. V was there, it is ok, I am here she would say. I was able to release all this built up emotion inside WITH my Goddess V's help and direction, with my surrender to her I am able to relax totally, relax emotionally.

She came 3 or 4 times herself, I orgasmed many times, I didn't count and came twice. With this my body feels totally different. This area from my solar plexus to each hip, that triangle area there, relaxes and feels SO good, so at peace. My mind is calm.

We were talking later, this week and V said, "you don't want sex really, you want that emotional connection" I have thought about that, and true, yes I want that emotional connection, but that emotional connection is brought about by the orgasms, by my submitting to her. By as she made me say the last time we had phone sex, by 'serving her'. That is what I want and desire most of all.

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  1. I enjoyed this because it echoes my own feelings--sex with Nimue is satisfying and pleasurable, but it means so much more in the context of that deep love we share.