Sunday, February 1, 2009

I never know

I never know how a sexual encounter with V will go. Every time is different. Being phone sex, mind play at its extreme.
There are visual fantasies we play out, some really hot ones we redo like the collar on me in the sex club where V forces me down to give her oral. That one is extremely erotic for me, and for V in the control she has over me.

There are fantasies that just come and go.
Sometimes it is just straight 'sex'. V will say sometimes you need to just be fucked tonight! wow yeah that is hot really hot.

Then there are just her telling me touch that slit on the end of your cock, as she hears my voice change, yes there slower, faster...
There is; touch that place behind your balls.. this is becoming a favorite for both of us. I can achieve multiple orgasms touching that place faster and deeper than any other place. V gets a real treat here, she cums multiple times herself. Sometimes I am so into my own orgasms I don' t realize she has cum. Then there are times I hear her becoming orgasmic, and a few times I have just said 'cum with me' and pow she does.. those are the most erotic times.. usually after I have had many, many orgasms.

We usually end up with me finally cumming, after 20 or so orgasms. BUT not always.

Always different.

Always a joy.

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  1. Sex is a creative pursuit. It should be unpredictable and different every time. The routine gets old fast, and it's fatal to a pursuit that requires excitement and titillation.