Thursday, February 26, 2009

Teasing and wanting...

Driving home.. texted V..

she just got out of work, working late again.. I was speeding home, late myself..
wife expecting me home for dinner..
not enough over lap to talk to V..

Text from V later in the evening, "horny"

later " I am all showered, in bed, smelling good"
OH MY what a text to get the juices flowing..
trying to get away, to get some time with V, BUT....
being watched oh so closely...

"I am so horny" she texts....

I just can't get away.. too dangerous.. I want to SO much..

such teasing on my end.. such wanting on both our ends...


  1. That's gotta suck when you are unable to text what you want to because you're under such close surveillance.

  2. much teasing!


  3. That's what bathroom breaks are for. Surely your spouse doesn't watch when you're sitting on the throne.