Saturday, February 7, 2009

And then...

Just when I tell myself, ok due to life'e events, things will just be calm for a while, a week or two, then teasing ramps up.
Last night driving back home late, I text V things ramp up quickly, I call, we talk.
How close to home are you? she asks, when are you expected home?
Put the cell phone on speaker, pinch your nipples.. yes harder, HARDER..

Her erotic voice in my ear again, such arousing sounds. her voice in general is so pleasing, but when she slows down, gets softer, gets into erotic mode, my body responds immediately, I instantly get hard, instantly get aroused...

She know EXACTLY what to say, when to say it, how to arouse me like no other person, she know what I need.

After a bit I find a commuter lot.. or should I say "cummuter lot" park next to a big 15 passenger van.. and we get to play for a while.
Very hot, very erotic. She got aroused, I went over the top..
'give me your orgasms' she would say.. then 'say it, say you are giving me your orgasms'
'give me everything, say it' I do, I did. I became lost in an orgasmic frenzy, totally spent, feeling amazing, joyous.
What is amazing about our encounters is it is just phone sex, long distance phone sex. But the words, imagery, her knowing what to tell me to do, to get us both aroused, multiple orgasms.. all of that...

The feelings of arousal and then of the bliss that follows such release, is beyond words. The floating, the tension gone, calmness in my mind and body.

I can always tell if V is feeling good afterwords. She laughs this little laugh. It is so sweet, so erotic actually. I love her post orgasmic laugh!


  1. Umm..I can feel it all running across my skin.

  2. Sex takes place in the mind. The body parts just feed it with sensation.