Sunday, February 15, 2009


I haven't said so.. but you could guess by my posts, both v and I have been busy at our respective non-blogging lives, non-phone sex lives.
I would laugh, but it isn't much funny really, ironic maybe. Desire is there, ALWAYS there.

There is even some potential for some real life sex for me.. other than my wife.. BUT.. things don't ever seem to work out with that woman..

Anyway with V, we talk, chat, IM, text.. contact. This past week has been more with our respective daily tensions and such. I know she was feeling a bit frisky last night, I just couldn't get away. TOO much of a watchful eye upon me, no time, no space...

This coming weekend though.. I have some freedom SO....


  1. Freedom, yes that's what you need.

    I hope you get it all, but the prize will come I'm sure.


  2. The prize...hhmmmm yes the prize.. the real prize would be physical as well as mental and emotional...