Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wanting to feel something

I don't mention my home life much here for a reason. I will just say I don't get a feeling of appreciation, or of fulfillment or of 'feeling something' at home.

I was excited yesterday, some good things happened, not a big deal really, but I was really upbeat, happy, excited. In some people, in me anyway this can translate to being aroused, that good happy energy just goes into arousal and I think of sex and wanting to share that. Well that wasn't happening at home last night.

I texted V a few times, told her of my arousal. BUT a phone call, a phone sex session wasn't going to happen either, too risky last night. Not intended to be arousal and denial, but that what it turned out to be. Last night, and today, this morning, woke up aroused, VERY aroused. Now days I just don't WANT to have an orgasm totally solo. I just don't want it. There is sometimes marital sex, but not very often.
When I feel like I did last night and today, I want to 'feel' V, I want to hear her voice. I was laying awake and I could feel myself dropping into that zone, I could hear V's voice in my head, what she would say. I could ride that edge of orgasm without touching any part of my body, just thought, and erection. I didn't have an orgasm, I wanted one though.
SO today V didn't tell me but I thought the same thing one day last week, so on my own I am wearing a cock ring to work. All day. It reminds me of her, I feel her, feel that arousal for her all the time. This is keeping me on that edge today.


  1. No text back from V? That would have helped. Be careful about wearing a cock ring for a long period . . . it can adversely affect your circulation.

  2. well.. we talked, but she made no comment.. I only leave it on for 9 or 10 hours.. I feel it constantly.. constantly think of her...

  3. Time is a hard part of life, waiting and wanting, but your passion and need will soon, im sure, bring you what you want.