Thursday, February 19, 2009


Tuesday and Wed.. I get a text message from V.. "Pssst I am feeling horny"

Multiple times..

SHE really wanted me.. she really wanted to get off...

I couldn't talk Tuesday night.. BUT we did hook up Wednesday night..
HOT, she was so VERY HOT.....

THEN last night.. I had some free time.. late...
She wasn't in the horny mood of the previous 2 days... we talked a long time..
until I found a parking place in a motel parking lot that afforded me some private space.

OH wow.. V sent me on an orgasmic ride I have never experienced before..
over and over and over.. she wouldn't let me stop.. I was gasping for air, the windows steaming up from the heat off my body.. she refused to let me stop.. orgasm after orgasm..
SO INTENSE.. I was completely exhausted.. COMPLETELY...
and is the way with me.. that orgasmic intensity frees me up inside. I become open and relaxed.. still today.

Rise and falls of orgasmic intensity.. We have hit a rise in intensity again..


  1. Beautiful.

    So much lust, I love it Sir.


  2. Moods change like the weather, and you will be most successful in your orgasmic quests when you adapt to them.