Monday, February 9, 2009


I was reading on another blog this idea:

If you care about having great sex, then you need to care about intimacy.

It now seems to me, like a 'duh' why of course. Because sex is not just sex, sex is intimacy, sex is being open with the other person, sex is 'sharing your soul'.
Sex, great sex is not about cumming as fast as you can, it is about riding the wave of ecstasy together. Being calm in your mind to share, to be in that orgasmic place and share that with your lover.... being intimate with your lover.

This is what I am learning, this is what I am experiencing with V.


  1. I'm learning too.

    Your journey sounds amazing.

  2. Certainly that's true. You have to open up to your partner, to be vulnerable to him or her, for the sex to be meaningful and satisfying. Otherwise, you're playing with sex toys: they fulfill the immediate need, but not the craving.

  3. Sex is better when you have that intimacy with someone.