Thursday, February 5, 2009

Everything slowing down

V has been quite stressed from her work, and is also a bit under the weather. SO everything has slowed down. Arousal, teasing everything. Life intrudes on the sexual all the time so we shouldn't be any different. We still talk most days. The evenings have been comforting for her really. I am glad to be of some comfort to and for her. Being 'of service' can take many forms, and just being there works sometimes.

I actually enjoy the sound of her breath as she falls asleep. I get a feeling like I am just holding her as she her breath changes and she totally relaxes, lets her stresses of her day go, and she goes off to sleep (the past 2 nights).

Maybe the weekend will bring some renewed energy.

1 comment:

  1. Sexual arousal cannot occur in a preoccupied mind. I'm sure after she drifts off to sleep, her interest returns. Too bad she isn't on the phone with you then.