Monday, December 29, 2008

Amazing occurances

Something exciting, something beyond erotic has happened between V and me.
The more I give my self to her, sexually, the more I open up, the more I want her.

The passion of this weekend is really beyond words. After Friday night, and all that passion released, there was Saturday morning. I was going out of town for the day, but had to talk to her. We did, we did get passionate, very much so. There was one orgasm where where she was pushing me to keep going, keep going, I was falling, then I heard her orgasm, she was gasping for me to keep going as she came hard, I let go into this place, visually, a blueish galaxy of blueish stars, spreading out, all there was in my world at that moment was V's voice, my orgasm, her orgasm.. words can't put the description on how I felt.

Sunday morning my thoughts were of her. I was trying to calm my body down. I was doing my morning meditation. I do a mantra meditation, but the mind wanders, and it was wandering to the orgasm I mentioned above. I was there again in my head, and out of the utter calm of my meditating mind, came a sharp burst of orgasmic intensity. VERY intense, but short, a jolt to my calm body. I wasn't touching anything, it was a remembered state, just thought triggered this orgasm. Then again later brushing my teeth of all things, I was thinking how could we do that in person, body positions..
V on top, me inside her, she whispering in my ear like she did on the phone, except this time I say back to her, come with me.. I had something like an orgasm again with just thought, it literally, sent me to my knees there in the bathroom.
Then I had a vision of holding V around the waste, breathing hard, taking in her scent hugging her hips.

It is amazing what the mind can do, when you just let go.
V allows me to let go, she pushes me to let go. And when she does, and when I do what she says, amazing things happen.


  1. Your Sunday orgasm is like nothing I've ever experienced, although I remember a story in the old Playboy sibling magazine Oui about a man who was able to cum just watching others have sex (live), without touching himself. You've gone one step further: cumming by just thinking about sex with your lover. She should be flattered!

  2. @merlin it was a most amazing experience. V knows I told her, her effect on me is becoming more and more intense. she hasn't commented here yet though.