Wednesday, December 24, 2008


V and I texted, IM'd and talked some more this morning.

The idea doing something for the lover, for her. She mentioned some things that would make her feel served. Making her dinner, some other things I won't mention, shaving her, applying lotion. When she was telling me these things, I got aroused, hard. Just thinking of doing something for her, doing, serving really some things that may or may not be arousing to her, and not in a seductive way by me. I wouldn't be doing these things to get sex, just because she liked them and maybe aroused her. Her response in an appreciative way WOULD be to give me what I wanted and that is sex.

The concept is not new to me, but in this context it is very arousing to me.

Distance complicates the matter, physical distance makes actually doing these things impossible, which on one level makes me sad because I would love to do them for her. Serve her in some way special, do some special for her, just to make her happy, just to make her feel good, just to make her smile. I want to do that something for her, to serve her.


  1. I think if you could get by - by doing some of the "possible" things via webcam (when the s/o's aren't home to spy on you) then that could eliminate some of the serving things off your list. I know that you wouldn't be able to do some of the physical things, like rub her and all. But still, it's just a thought.

  2. ~ rage ~
    (First off, I am glad you are well enough to return to blog land - Merry Christmas!)

    This conversation came up because I explained that I have always found the idea of a man doing things around the house for me, not because he had to but because his thoughts were of me and what would please me. I always struggled with this because society makes it seem that either the woman does things to please her man or because everything must be equal. However, what if there is an equality where needs are being met equally on both sides?