Monday, December 22, 2008

Current progress with V

V thinks I should experience some denial. So I have not had an orgasm with her since Friday night. I did have sex with my wife Saturday morning. It was strange, in that I was wondering if I could even get hard after Friday nights orgasmic blow out with V. But I did, wife was horny. I got hard, I could feel inside me I couldn't cum, but I could feel that trigger point for the orgasm. I had 4 or 5 orgasms with her, but wife is pretty silent, not very emotional in bed. So I had orgasms, but they were not fulfilling in the least. They just made me more aroused.
As this blog develops I will list some other sources Taoist mainly, Mantick Chia and some others who explain the non-ejaculatory orgasms, and how with a man has them his arousal stays, even grows stronger.

Ok so back to V. We have talked and teased, talked about this blog, talked about what how our relationship has grown the past 2 weeks into what it is now. It is very erotic to put this out for the world to see, in her words "give people a peek in our bedroom". That was quite erotic when she said that and I write this.

Last night we talked, I was really pumped up, even though she had said no, you will have to wait, no orgasms for you. Still I wanted one, I wanted one desperately. BUT like I said I have given control of my orgasms to her. So last night.. after much talking teasing she was aroused, she was not going to allow me to cum or orgasm, I did want to just hear her orgasm, that would be good, that would be something.
So I got to hear a powerful orgasm of V's, as she described the scene of her pleasuring herself and me just watching, and me on the phone moaning with desire and passion to cum, that ramped her arousal into her orgasm.

This morning I get a different feeling; frustration, coupled with arousal. A bit of anger in there as well. I want an affair, emotional and physical BECAUSE of the lack of sex and emotional connection with wife. To get denial from V as well is aaarrrg, so frustrating. I am working through this. I am doing a LOT of breathing today, at this moment actually to keep the frustration down.

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  1. The unique aspect of this denial is that we are miles and miles away from one another which presents an interesting opportunity. I do not want you to become so frustrated that you lose the anticipation part of it all. I will keep it in mind, but as I told you before, you will not know when I will let you orgasm. I will simply say the word and your body will respond.

    Readers: I have told Rogue that his body has already completely submitted to me even though emotionally and mentally he is still coming to terms with it.

    And the frustration he feels - it is arousing to me. So much so that it drives me to see just how far I can push him. Perhaps he will post on the various ways I have had him explore how he can orgasm.