Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tantric Journey

I was talking to V this morning about this blog and she suggested a web page that asked the questions I was asking.

Tantric Journey

check it out.
the questions they ask are:

1)Have you ever felt incomplete during sex because your partner has already "landed" before you have even had a chance to "take off"?

2)Have you ever glimpsed an ecstatic moment in love and later felt that you did not know the way back?

3)Have you ever wished to be touched at the core of your being, yet felt afraid to open your self up and be vulnerable?

4) Have you ever felt bored with sex in a long-term relationship and found yourself wishing you could capture the passion that used to make sex between you so exciting?

5)Whilst making love or just afterwords, have you ever wondered: Isn't there more to sex, than this?

I have felt with V incredible pleasure, giving, wanting her pleasure. With her help this this week, by giving control of my orgasms to her I became multi-orgasmic.
More specifically multi-orgasmic on command, at will. This is simple really but it goes deep. A lot of trust involved. This trust is earned or develops over time. We have it. I gave control to her and her intention was to make me cum over and over and over. I had experienced non-ejaculatory orgasms before(being multi-orgasmimc). Both with V and with my wife. But this past week, she could feel something in my voice, and she pushed me to a point where I completely let go into her into her words and experienced some release of deep emotions, orgasm after orgasm. This is the way sex should be.


  1. Welcome to blogville and good luck on your journey.

  2. I would also like to wish you good luck on your journey. Rogue, Goddess V will take care of you...just let her and there will be that trust.

  3. Also, I am going to put your link up on my blogroll if you're interested. If you don't want it up just send me an e-mail to and I will take it down.

  4. @rage
    thank you that would be nice. We, V and myself are exploring something here pretty special, we think