Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Emotions and sex. Merlin has a post that really speaks to me. I can feel what he feels. His writing goes right to the point, right to center of the feeling. The frustrations of my marriage, sexually and emotionally, the growing apart has led to this blog, led to me finding V, led to me opening up to V in ways I don't and can't to my wife.
My relationship with V even though at this point is not physical is very emotional, very open, very fulfilling for me. This time with V exploring ideas, fantasies, my body, her response to my arousal, my wanting to serve her in a personal way, is new to me, exciting to me in a way that I find I can't really put into exact words. Emotions don't always translate directly into words.

My feelings for today are of V, how she has transformed me into this new person, or as she told me one time "the passion has always been with you, and little to do with me". V told me that last summer, she is partly right, the passion is within me, but she DID bring it out. Maybe she felt that at that time, I think she knows what she is doing to me, bringing out in me now. The emotions that are surfacing in our sexual time together.
I do miss her when we are not talking, texting, my thoughts flow to the sound of her voice, the words she speaks into my ears.
Always remembering.


  1. Sometimes all it takes is for that special someone to bring the "it" out of you. There are probably a lot of things you don't know about yourself without someone having to bring them out of you. Make sense?

  2. It is starting to make sense, the more I open up with V, the more vulnerable I become with her.

  3. I'm glad my writing aids your journey of self-discovery. In many ways this past year has been a struggle for both Nimue and I, as we accepted the risk that we could hurt each other by becoming as close as we are, and then reaped the rewards of that closeness. It seems as though you and Z are undergoing that same process. You won't be sorry you did.