Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More tease?

I mentioned the emails yesterday about the denial I was going through yesterday.

Later last night we texted and said, hhmm and here I was going to let you cum tonight. I called her in like 10 seconds.
She had a cold.. a BAD cold..
we talked but the arousal wasn't there. I mean she was in bad shape.
I let her fall asleep, it was fine actually. I like to hear her sleep.

Well today was another same thing from wife day, well after fight with wife. No talking. I had shopping to do.. I was out of the house, not knowing when I would get home.
Traffic, damn traffic. I text V, she is at work, but we talk for a few minutes, her voice MUCH improved. She said she would be up tonight. Maybe we could get together..
oh, boy...
well, kids around etc.. she then texts me and says, what good is denial without some teasing?... I am like YEAH.. I get denial from my wife all the damn time..
wow a flurry of texts.. with 2 boys.. they are both in college and wife in the room.. damn talk about on the edge there.. boys must know something is going on.. wife just occupies herself in her book...

so here we are.. will the boys go to bed? will I get off the denial tonight?
at least there is arousal now!


  1. With the boys both being in college I am surprised that they are home so much.

  2. ~ rage ~
    I tease Rogue constantly because I am much closer in age to his sons! The idea of seducing a younger man is so enticing, but Rogue finds it rather awkward and strange.