Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Release from Denial

I had a feeling there would be release. Not likely to talk for a few days. She had hinted at it the previous night, but was sick.

So after my post last night.
More flirting texts, some flirting IM's.
I IM'd V... I am getting a blanket and heading to the sofa..
give me a couple of minutes she said..

I can detect erotic feelings in V's voice. I knew she was up to something special last night.

I have mentioned before I have worked on this ability to have an orgasm without 'cumming' or ejaculating. V takes this ability and is able to make me have an orgasm on demand. I have to be in an aroused state. It is like she has me hypnotized really.
We having some erotic talk, and out of nowhere she says.. 'Come NOW, NOW' damn I came. My body responds to her words so fast, I wasn't prepared for that orgasm, I didn't trigger it, SHE did. That was the first one. There were many. V said she stopped counting at 7. There must have been 15 orgasms. This is her idea, to give me all of these orgasms. I would love to give her 15 20 orgasms like she gives me.. and I can do it, I have done it to other women in the past.... BUT V says my orgasms make her wet, aroused. She said she hadn't touched herself and she had soaked herself and her sheets... OMG saying that got me hard as well.. I had to orgasm knowing how wet I was making her...

My tantric goddess V has had me stimulate the perineum a spot between the balls and the anus. It took a few tries for me to locate the spot.. a bundle of nerves, that is NOW a trigger for orgasm. with little stimulation I can orgasms quite easily.
V will have me touch that spot alone or in combination with nipple pinching, or stroking the head of my cock. IT ALL works. It all works. Last night one time even I had an orgasm from just pinching my nipples. I was blown away. This was way into the orgasmic frenzy I was into last night. I was riding that orgasm trigger anyway, but it felt good and very powerful.

After many orgasms V had me stimulating the perineum, told me to "CUM NOW, CUM hard" this was powerful, she said "don't stop, keep cumming, don't stop" I came and came and came.. It unblocked SO many internal help emotions, deep long held in my body emotions, raw, very raw.. I was curled in a ball, I felt helpless, just her voice and my orgasm that was in her control, I had given my orgasm to her, for her pleasure, and she was using it to clear me out, to make me a puddle of helpless man. At one point I remember I was almost crying, and I said, "hold me, just hold me V", she kept saying 'its ok, its ok' I don't know how long the orgasm lasted, I do know it took me several minutes to recover, mentally and emotionally. I was at that point in emotion, raw, totally open to her. She wanted to know what I felt, I told her exactly how I felt in that moment about her, everything. We talked for a while, and I was getting aroused again, I wanted to cum this time, not just an orgasm, but a blow out orgasm, she said I need to want it more, we rode this deep desire, her desire peaking, I could tell she was getting very close to an orgasm... and when she said cum now, cum for me... I did.. a very long deep, gushing orgasm, my orgasm went on after I stopped cumming, it went on and on in a wave.

Last night was so amazing, totally spent, soaked in sweat, emotionally free, totally enraptured with V, totally submitted to her. I still feel SO GOOD this morning. My words can't convey how good I feel at the moment, or how good it was last night.

V can be forceful, demanding, but she has this very tender side, this caring side that totally captures me.

I am hers, and she knows it.

side note
another thing we have not done, but is out there to do:
male g spot


  1. Man, I love orgasm control. Temper and I were explaining how to work orgasm control to another blogger and he just got erect just because we were talking about it. I saw him like that and stopped everything I was doing and took care of business. I just couldn't help myself. It's just "one of those things."

  2. ~ rage ~
    Isn't orgasm control the ultimate in intensity? Rogue is amazed at how physically aroused I become.

  3. :) yes when I am in feeling intense, wanting to have an orgasm, i can hear V's arousal spike, THAT is another turn on for me. I love when V gets aroused!