Monday, December 22, 2008

Why a Rogue

Why do I call myself a Rogue?

from this Company Rogue Ales
we get this list of qualities of a Rogue:

Rogues take risks.
• Rogues are willing to shun titles and personal financial success in the
pursuit of the greater good.
• Rogues pursue the long shot.
• Rogues have respect for diversity.
• Rogues are never satisfied to rest on past laurels.
• Rogues work hard.
• Rogues are driven to succeed in their chosen field.
• Rogues ignore the accepted patterns and blaze their own trails.
• Rogues have raw talent and focus on that talent.
• Rogues are honest with themselves and others.
• Rogues are rebels.
• Rogues have one foot in reality to let them get the job done, but they are, nonetheless, led by their dreams.

A beer company I know, are you serious you ask?

Just read what this philosophy says and you will understand a little more of me. I take information, from many sources, all sources and use what I feel works for me, I am a rebel at heart, I take risks, I am in essence led my dreams. With respect to sexual aspects of Tantra and D&S I am doing this: ignore the accepted patterns and blaze their own trails. All of this with the help and support of my Tantric Goddess V. Without her none of what has happened would have happened the way it has.


  1. Why thank you! You have grown so much and I know you will continue to do so.

  2. Thank you for the explanation. I like the name Rogue. From what I know of your blogging so far it suits you.

  3. I am discovering more and more about myself. I am discovering to just let go and be who I am inside. Again thanks to V for guiding me there.