Friday, December 26, 2008


V arouses me like no other woman, EVER.
Her words in my hears, her texts on my phone, even her IM's about random things, life in general.
Her being arouses me.
But most of all her voice.
We couldn't talk yesterday, or last night. We were texting, she was teasing. I was waiting for kids to go to bed. They were up last, watching movies, just not giving dad any private space!
V was aroused, I was aroused.
She then sends me a pic on my phone. Nothing overtly sexual, not nude...
but the cleavage, the suggestion of what was underneath... OMG I had to go to bed to sleep thinking of her and not be fulfilled, not satisfied sexually, no orgasms. Not intended to be denial, it just worked out that way.
We did talk some this morning, mostly about some drama in her extended family. We did get to talk though. Hopefully we can get for a longer conversation later tonight.

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