Sunday, December 21, 2008

Beginnings- First Post

This is the start of exploring my journey through Tantra and D&S. I will use more tantra terms and ideas, but I am also beginning to experience some incredible sexual fulfillment as a 'sub' to my tantric goddess V.

About me:

1- Married for a long time. Sexually unfilled as my wife and I have grown apart sexually. I am not actively seeking a divorce, there are reasons, but that is a possibility.
2- I have read, studied tantra for years. I have been doing yoga for 20+ years. I have been meditating for longer.
3- I have had numerous emotional affairs via the internet. Emotional in that I have met 2 women in person over the years of the many I have had 'phone sex' with.
4- My latest emotional affair is with V. I will call her V most of the time, she will comment on this blog as well.
5- With V we have explored a lot of sexual experiences, long distance, on the phone mostly. We have not met in person.
6- V is more of a dominant person in the sexual relationship. We are exploring for her and for me the D&S philosophy. She is the more dominant one in our 'sexual' encounters.
7- Recently, and as I write this I mean this past week we have reached such new heights of sexual arousal that I need a way to get more feedback and write about my experiences.
  • I have become multi-orgasmic upon her direction at will
  • 6 or more orgasms for me, at times V just saying to me 'cum now'
  • My arousal, my orgasms are such a turn on to V she is experiencing something new to her
  • I trust V completely


  1. Perhaps I should mention, since we do appear to have a couple of comments, that I do have actual experience in D/s relationships. Tantra (rogue) has had none is still trying to come to terms with all of this.

  2. Goddess I am more than sure (as a Dom) will ease his pain into coming into terms with all of this. I wanted to say thanks for the visit to the blog.