Saturday, December 27, 2008

Friday night

There was an amazing amount of teasing, and flirting Friday. We talked in the morning, then flirted most of the day, either via IM or texting. She gave me a task ( I will post that later here) it had to do with service to her. She was pleased! :) I wanted to please, and was successful. Flirting, but we couldn't make the call, my kids were around, wife still up. Then kids wanted to watch a movie.. Beauty and the Beast, they pulled out the old VHS from when they were younger. I was getting frustrated. I told V, she goes, oh stop being grumpy, I think I will watch it. I was upstairs reading, the kids were laughing... ok, ok I will go join in and watch.
I tell V, she texts back Yay! so watching the movie and there is this one line after Beast has fallen for Belle, where he says to his servant "I want to do something for her" WOW I noticed, V texted me and said did you notice that line. I said yes, I thought of you!
So cosmic, an entire review of the movie could be based on service of Beast to Bell once he falls for her.
Kids go off to bed, except oldest son, he is hanging around, up late.
It took into the wee hours before son was out and V and I could connect.
We did, we explored multiple orgasms again, and again, and again. I lost track again how many times I had an orgasm, she came hard twice as I remember. Her last time while I was in the middle of this long orgasm, like I posted before rubbing my pernium spot behind my balls. V was telling me to keep cumming, keep it up.. she came.. HARD and kept me cumming. It was amazing. During the orgasm when we were cumming at the same time.. I felt I fell into her orgasm, all kinds of lights went off and I felt like we merged for a bit.
Last night was amazing.

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  1. Coming at the same there anything better?